What GMAT Score Do You Need For Harvard?

In an article for Business Because I unpack the GMAT score you need to get into Harvard – or at least how to think about your GMAT score in terms of your application.

It’s always difficult to guesstimate the GMAT score you’ll need to apply to Harvard Business School (HBS), without sight of the rest of your application.Like all business schools, Harvard will consider your application holistically. 

Your GMAT exam score forms part of your MBA application which includes your resume, references, academic transcripts, and essays. Although a good GMAT score is not a guaranteed ticket to Harvard, it certainly helps your application.

So, what GMAT score should you aim for?

A look at the MBA class average GMAT score for Harvard is a good place to start to get a ballpark figure of what GMAT score you should aim for when applying for the school

Harvard reports its class median, rather than average, GMAT score. Harvard’s median GMAT is 730. This gives you an idea of where you are, at least in terms of your competitiveness around the GMAT. 

Harvard’s median GMAT is one of the highest in the world—only Stanford (734 average GMAT) and Wharton (732 average GMAT) record higher figures.

However, a GMAT score below 730 is not a deal breaker for Harvard, provided the rest of your application is exceptional…..