What does an admissions consultant do exactly?

What does an admissions consultant do exactly?  

  1. Helps you avoid big red flag mistakes  

This is especially relevant for people who don’t have the same level of literacy around the process as our peers in other countries. I recently saw a 9 year old get kicked off junior MasterChef and he said ‘That’s ok, this will look great in my college applications’. Many of us have not had the same level of guidance and support from an early age.  

  1. Helps you put your best foot forward 

Many of us hate to brag and fear coming across as arrogant. But the admissions process requires that you highlight your accomplishments. It can be very helpful to get the balance right with another person listening (and sometimes pointing out achievements you didn’t realize were so impressive).  

  1. Gives you support and helps you to introspect 

You might be surprised how personal and introspective the process of telling your story actually is. Your admissions essays need to highlight your character, your brains, heart and courage. Talking through ideas can be immensely helpful. Talking to someone also helps to keep you feeling supported and on track. 

  1. Helps you explain what you do for a living  

Many CVs are filled with jargon and acronyms, and lack the context that can make your experience shine.  

  1. Makes sure you have thought through your reasons for wanting to go to business school 

By the time you hit the admissions interview, you should have really thought through why you want to study, why you want to go to a particular university, why you want to do this now, and how it will help you achieve your goals.  

  1. Is honest with you 

This is someone you can be honest with about your hopes and fears. And someone who can give you good advice if you listen. We can also give you the off-the-record info about business schools that can help you make decisions around what will be one of the biggest investments of your life. 

What an admissions consultant does not do: 

Write your essays for you

We can help with your essays but it is extremely unethical for anyone to write them on your behalf.

Guarantees your place at a university 

Run from any admissions consultant who gives you this guarantee. Also, make sure your admissions consultant is not getting a kick-back from a university to recruit students. This creates a conflict of interest where your best interests might not be prioritized.  

What if you can’t afford one? 

That’s ok. But you need to compensate with a lot of your own research. Make sure you research every aspect of the application process and you rely on people you trust to get a second opinion on your essays.

If you have verified, serious financial constraints and a decent GMAT or GRE score Admissions Africa can help you with a partial or total fee waiver for advice, so please speak to us.  

We’ve intentionally kept our prices below those of the rest of the world to help make access to business school more equitable.