Student Question: ‘Why does Admissions Africa just focus on the MBA? That’s ridiculously niche don’t you think?’

Actually, this is not just a student question. I get this question a lot, understandably.

There are a few reasons why I chose to start with the MBA.

  1. MBA programmes are obsessed with diversity. They are looking to recruit outstanding students from Africa, but very few make it through the process.
  2.  There are unsecured, international student loans available for the MBA that are not available for other subjects.
  3. There are also a wide range of scholarships available at Business Schools and for masters programmes.
  4. The focus on work experience during the MBA application means applicants do not have to convert their high school marks.
  5. There is a whole industry of MBA advisers and test prep companies in most countries. Students from Africa are at a disadvantage.
  6.  Ok, I am really biased here, but MBAs have the ability to make a big impact in their communities and globally. Africa needs good leaders to tackle our problems