Prices for admissions advice

What does an admissions consultant do for you?

We advise and support you through your application. We do not complete your application or write your essays for you (in line with global ethical  best practices). We will help you avoid red flags and craft your application strategy and work hand-in-hand with you. You will need to take responsibility for the process and put in the work and research time.

What are the rates for your services?

Admissions support packages Price
 For 1 business school R8 000
For 2 business schools R10 000
For 3 business schools R12 000

A full package gives you unlimited assistance and ongoing feedback.  It includes:

Profile Evaluation &  Gap Analysis

Test preparation advice

Business school selection advice

Personalised Action Plan

Brainstorming essay topics

Essay review & editing process

Positioning your work experience and Crafting your resume

Positioning your post-MBA work goals

Coaching referrers

Admissions interview coaching