The Impactful Innovator

Oluwasoga Oni : CEO of MDaaS  (System Design and Management Fellow from MIT.)

According the GMAC, there are seven ‘types‘ of MBA candidates. The Impactful Innovator wants to acquire the skills and connections to impact change, gain managerial and leadership skills, and get international exposure. 

 Oluwasoga Oni has managed to help countless Nigerians access quality medical equipment. What is remarkable, is that Oni found solutions that arguably, only he could have seen. Systems that worked in wealthier parts of the world were not working in Nigeria.

Oni always wanted to return to Nigeria after MIT, to make a difference. Oni had seen medical doctors, including his father, struggling to treat patients without the right equipment. He set out to solve the problem.  

Nigeria’s hospitals are full of malfunctioning medical equipment, donated by developed countries.  But without maintenance and proper instructions, medical devices like X-ray machines end up gathering dust rather than saving lives.

 ‘I heard stories of… those waiting for weeks for their turn on the MRI machine and of those that died while waiting to gain access to diagnostics machines.’

  MDaas has put together the structures, partnerships, and technical know-how to tackle these inefficiencies. Oni credits MIT with giving him unique methods of problem solving. He says it helped him to think in terms of human-centred design.   Oni was a System Design and Management Fellow at MIT. This is a combined masters from the School of Engineering and the Sloan School of Management. 

Many people don’t see the benefit of graduate management education for entrepreneurs. Oni disagrees. ‘It won’t give you success automatically but will increase your chances of success.’

Business school gives you an ecosystem of support from brilliant people from around the world. Oni co-founded MDaaS with some of his classmates from the programme.

Along with all that you can learn from professors and classmates there are tangible benefits including access to international funding, and credibility with investors. Access to early stage funding in Africa is still a challenge.

Lastly, MIT gave Oni the confidence to set up MDaaS. ‘It made me think: if anybody can do it, I can.’