Letters of recommendation for your application

Remember to pick people who know you and support you over people with fancy titles.

But even those who are on your side and are genuinely rooting for you, may need some guidance on what they can say.

Give them guidance

  • Give your recommender your CV, and a sense of what your application looks like.
  • Remind them of examples they can use to highlight your skills and abilities.
  • Tell them which schools you are applying to upfront and explain why these schools are a good fit and what you are trying to highlight.
  • Explain when each is due and how each is submitted.

For the recommendation:

  • Ask them to provide some context about how they know you and your work.
  • Ask them to include examples of excellent work you have done, or of your accomplishments.
  • Ask them to describe your character and personal qualities such as dedication or taking initiative (along with examples).
  • Ask them to mention ways in which you have demonstrated leadership abilities.