We are specialist GMAT and GRE coaches with  over 25 years of combined experience preparing students for these tests. Our courses are expertly designed to help you get your best score. Our students have gone on to study at business schools around the world including GIBS,  INSEAD, LBS, Duke, Oxford,  HEC, Wharton and Harvard.

Shimon Goldchmit

Shimon specializes in test preparation for the quantitative sections of the GMAT, GRE and SAT.  He has over 15 years experience preparing students in Brazil and South Africa for these standardized tests. Shimon has a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sao Paulo.

Sue McLaggan

Sue is a trainer and instructional designer , with over 20 years experience training adults in corporate environments.  Sue teaches verbal reasoning components of the GMAT, GRE and SAT.   She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), a Post-graduate Diploma in Education, a Diploma in Business Management and a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA).

Cara Skikne

Cara has an MBA from Oxford University and a Bachelor of Journalism from Rhodes University. Cara teaches the verbal reasoning components of the GMAT. Cara writes for Businessbecause, an MBA news site recently acquired by the GMAC. She also  offers application support to international MBA applicants.

Testimonials: Test preparation

770 GMAT scorer

I am so grateful that Sue worked with me to achieve my result in the final examination – the contact sessions with her made a huge difference in preparing me. Sue made efforts to accommodate my busy schedule, and catered for my individual strengths and weaknesses so that we could focus on the biggest development areas from session to session. Sue shaped my appreciation for the strategic importance of the Verbal sections, and my improvements from the mock tests  through to the final GMAT Examination were off the back of improvements in my Verbal score.Sue inspired my best efforts and celebrated with me in my successes. Sue played a huge role in my final GMAT score, as well as the TOEFL examination  

Jurie Jean 

‘Instructors’ input was invaluable’

I found both Quant & Verbal components of the course extremely helpful they helped me pace my study programme and build my understanding quickly. I believe that especially on the Quant side the difficulty in the GMAT Official Guide is not representative of the exam.  The Verbal component was extremely important for me finally getting to grips with the expectations of the test.  It is difficult to learn the complex nuances for the different strategies of approaching the question types from a book. That’s why the instructors’ input was invaluable.


From 680 to 710

Thanks to Cara and Shimon from Coefficient Solutions I was able to improve my GMAT score from

680 to 710 in just two weeks..I would highly recommend Cara and Shimon

to anyone doing GMAT. They really understand the nuances of the test and how, as South Africans

with little experience in taking adaptive tests, we can obtain competitive scores. Cara has also been

a huge help with the MBA admissions process. Thank you Cara and Shimon!


Testimonials: Admissions advice

HEC Paris and Yale

 Admissions Africa played a pivotal role in helping me get accepted into a Master In Management at HEC Paris and Yale. As my GRE score was lower than the average score at both schools and the program was highly competitive, I realized that I needed to craft a stellar application to stand a chance of gaining acceptance.

Throughout the entire process, Cara made me think more deeply about why the master’s program was an ideal fit for me and how I could best communicate this to the admissions officers at both universities. 

Thank you Admissions Africa for helping me get accepted into my dream program- I couldn’t have done it without your help and support!


The backbone of my applications

I applied to 5 programs and have been accepted into 3 (Emlyon/ St Gallen/ Maastricht) with 2 pending (Tias/EDHEC) where the interviewers told me they will give a positive recommendation so cautiously waiting for  good results. There are also some scholarships included.

This is not me bragging, this is me saying thank you to you and your colleagues. The advice and classes were really the backbone of my applications. Thank you very much.


Researching Business schools to suit my profile, ambition and specialization

Cara from Admissions Africa assisted me in researching the Business Schools that would suit my profile, my ambitions and desired specialization. From the research we conducted together, I was able to narrow down my research from over 40 potential international schools down to 4 in the USA.

 I decided to pick ASU, which was due to the fact that they had a smaller class size, which was more personal-  similar to the attention to detail and service I had received from Admissions Africa.