Coronavirus: 6 Things Every MBA Candidate Should Do

After my brother died, I threw myself into studying for the GMAT.

I had PTSD from eight months of trauma while he battled cancer. The GMAT, in all its complexity, gave me something else to think about in the car, between my desk and the printer at work—in all those in-between moments when I needed the distraction.

I knew that life is unfair and uncertain and messy, and the logic of the GMAT was somehow reassuring. As a friend of mine told me this week: ‘Anxious people need something to do.’

It’s in this spirit that I want to look at how to use your time in self-isolation to prepare yourself for your MBA application. This is not a trite to-do list, but something to focus on in this time of uncertainty.

If you’re prepping your MBA application during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, here’s six things you should do……..READ MORE