Admissions Advice: Testimonials

HEC Paris and Yale

Admissions Africa played a pivotal role in helping me get accepted into a Master In Management at HEC Paris and Yale. As my GRE score was lower than the average score at both schools and the program was highly competitive, I realized that I needed to craft a stellar application to stand a chance of gaining acceptance.

Throughout the entire process, Cara made me think more deeply about why the master’s program was an ideal fit for me and how I could best communicate this to the admissions officers at both universities. 

Thank you Admissions Africa for helping me get accepted into my dream program- I couldn’t have done it without your help and support!


The backbone of my applications

I applied to 5 programs and have been accepted into 3 (Emlyon/ St Gallen/ Maastricht) with 2 pending (Tias/EDHEC) where the interviewers told me they will give a positive recommendation so cautiously waiting for  good results. There are also some scholarships included.

This is not me bragging, this is me saying thank you to you and your colleagues. The advice and classes were really the backbone of my applications. Thank you very much.