Academic Editing Services

Proof-reading and editing of your thesis, essays or CV.


Hourly1-5 HoursR 400.00/hour 
Package 16 HoursR 2300.00R 100.00
Package 28 HoursR 3000.00R 200.00
Package 310 HoursR 3600.00R 400.00
Package 412 HoursR 4200.00R 600.00

Guidelines for selecting the best option for you:

On average, 1 hour is equivalent to 1000 words to be edited or 1 guidance class (video call on the type of essay you need to write).

My purpose is to assist with sentence structure, language, writing style and referencing.

If you select a package deal, and additional hours are required, the above structure applies. We will then have a meeting regarding your specific additional requirements.   

Tameryn McLaggan

071 222 9575